Tyler Wisler 太乐


知名美国籍室内设计师太乐在业界非常受欢迎。他主要的业务范围在美国和东南亚国家。他设计的空间具有时尚感和抱负性,往往还添加一些意想不到的惊喜。他上过许多具有影响力的电视节目比如 HGTV的 “Design Star设计之星’’,ABC的“Good Morning America”早安美国, NBC的 “George To The Rescue 乔治来搭救’’, 还有Lifetime的“The Way Home回家的路”。

太乐当前也是亚洲最具权威性的设计竞赛电视节目 “The Apartment公寓”的评委和导师之一。他被媒体像Mashable 和Huffington Post 吹捧为“必须关注”的人物。除了是eBay和Pinterest的影响者,太乐也出现过在主流媒体像Architectural Digest建筑杂志, The New York Times纽约时报, The Washington Post华盛顿时报, Elle Décor时尚家居杂志,Better Homes更好家园和Gardens花园杂志。不管在讨论潮流,展示DIY工程,或在创造一个室内空间,太乐相信人人都有权利被美好的设计围绕!

Based in both the United States and Southeast Asia, Tyler Wisler has become an influential and sought-after designer boasting an international clientele. His spaces are fashionably aspirational with hints of the unexpected. He’s been featured on hit shows including HGTV’s “Design Star’’, ABC’s “Good Morning America”, NBC’s “George To The Rescue’’, and Lifetime’s “The Way Home.” He currently stars as a judge and mentor on Asia’s biggest design competition show “The Apartment” where he is known for tough love and sound, practical advice. His approachable personality has made him a popular speaker at major venues and events across the county, imparting knowledge to eager homeowners and design enthusiasts. Both Mashable and Huffington Post touted Tyler as “one to follow” because he is an “eBay Influencer”, a content creator for Skype, and, notably, a Pinterest “Pinfluencer” in both the Home Décor and Men’s Fashion categories. He helped launch the Behind The Design campaign for furniture super source Living Spaces. He’s been seen in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Elle Décor and Better Homes and Gardens. Companies like Kohler, 3M, TIKI Brand, BRIZO, Cosentino, AGA/Marvel, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have all collaborated for his edgy aesthetic and authentic narrative. Tyler expanded his brand by launching a line of eco-luxury bedding for Butterfly Dreams linens. He supports philanthropic causes by aligning with DIFFA, Housing Works, and the Hetrick-Martin Institute. Whether talking trends, demonstrating a DIY project, or creating a rocking interior, Tyler believes everyone has the right to be surrounded by great design!


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